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House of Yue Presentations

A listing of presentations done by the house members.

Master Kaddan Yue:

  • Effective Communication 101 - Four Steps to Effective Listening

  • Effective Communication 102 - Styles of Communication

  • Effective Communication 103 - Blocks to Listening

  • Leather As I See It

  • Long Distance Dynamics (Can be done solo or with family members)

  • Awareness of Mental Health and Power Exchanges

  • Anxiety: Ah, It's Nothing or is it, being in a Power Exchange

  • A Masters Interpersonal Forms of Power in Managing a Power Exchange

  • From Online to Offline - Transitioning Your Power Exchange.

  • The Concept of Consent

  • Polyamory: It is a mess, isn't it?

  • Entering a Power Exchange without Being Aware of Your Self-Worth, and the Effects it has

  • I don't give a fu*k, you do not get to determine my journey in M/s or Leather

  • Service from the bottom up

Master Kaddan & slave audi:

  • Two sides of the same coin – A look into Long Distance Dynamics

  • Coping with life – Mental health issues in power exchange dynamics


slave audi Yue:

  • You're a major what? What being a majordomo is for me.

  • What is a Personal Assistant?

  • More to come

the boy Yue:

  • Live cooking demos by request.

  • More to come

the gurl Yue:

  • Be Your Own Daddy

  • Evil Queens: Dark Little, Middles, Teens and baby-beings

  • Slave gurl uncollared: this gurls journey

  • Purple sparkly boots with shiny silver cleats

  • Living Primal

  • Pomp and circumstance: when there is more show than lifestyle


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