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The House of Yue.

The House of Yue is headed by Master Kaddan, who trained 'from the bottom up' to become the third generation of Her Leather Family to be introduced into this lifestyle in this way. The Household currently consists of property and slaves.

The Household is service and education driven, meaning that we focus on our commitment to the Master/ slave principles of the Household, as well as looking for ways to serve our communities in terms of education. Master Kaddan has presented at several conferences across the USA, and we regularly attend the Master/ slave Conference in Washington as a family. We are a long-distance family, bound together by a shared love for our chosen lifestyle, and the ethics and core values that drive us.

At the present time, the M/s Household consists of Master Kaddan, slave audi (majordomo), the boy and the gurl. Princess and Morti are in our extended family as well.

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